AUST BIOCLEANING - Trauma & Bio Hazard Cleaning Sevices

Care, Compassion, Understanding

      Trauma Scene Cleaning
        Trauma can strike at anytime and anywhere, no one wants to be burdened with the aftermath of a horrific Trauma scene left behind such as a violent crime, suicide, or an unattended death .

     AUST BIOCLEANING Crime Scene & Trauma Cleaning Services are here to help families and businesses to relieve the emotional turmoil in these unfortunate situations, no one deserves to suffer twice. We are a 24hr emergency response service and our crew are ready to help all clients in a discreet and professional manner with your needs in mind.  We work in conjunction with the police and are a proud supporter of AiPol.  .
Our staff are Experienced Trauma Cleaners  with over 10 years in the Medical Industry and all have a very high level of knowledge and understanding when it comes to  infection control, Don't put your health or others at risk
      Our service eliminates blood -borne diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C, Viral Hemorrhagic fevers and much more.
Bodily fluids  must be cleaned professionally and in a correct manner to eliminate serious illness or even death. All our waste is disposed of correctly and safely following EPA regulations.

     AUST BIOCLEANING Crime Scene & Trauma Cleaning Services also offer Qualified Trauma Counselors for families and friends who may experience this horrific loss of a loved one. Ask our friendly staff if you feel you may need this assistance, we want to alleviate the burden and give peace of mind to the families and friends left behind after such a traumatic experience. 
     Drug Lab Decontamination & Testing
      Illegal  Methamphetamine manufacturing is toxic and a serious bio-hazard and health risk, if you find that your rental property or home was used in this manner, you may be liable to legal action if it is not cleaned professionally, toxic fumes and residue or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) will seep into the walls floors and everything it comes into contact with, if not decontaminated this will make you and others very ill or even death, these situations must be decontaminated, tested and disposed of correctly. Prolonged exposure to a former drug lab which hasn't been decontaminated include such symptoms as nausea, dizziness, confusion, headaches, vomiting, respiratory difficulties, and VOCs are also known to cause cancer just to name a few, if you think your property may be contaminated AUST BIOCLEANING  Crime Scene & Trauma Cleaning Services can test your property. Call us today if you have any concerns.

       AUST BIOCLEANING Crime Scene & Trauma Cleaning Services follows strict Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines to ensure a healthy and habitable environment with a site validation report after decontamination and remediation. All our Clandestine Lab Decontamination Technicians are highly trained with the highest quality of workmanship for your safety.

    Hoarding/Filth House
      Hoarding is not someone who is just lazy, it is a Mental Health condition due to a tragic event in ones life or a severe anxiety disorder.  Living in a cluttered home or living near a hoarder is a major fire hazard, and also unsanitary conditions can lead to stress on family members and neighbours. These types of environmental conditions bring serious illness due to extreme dust, mould,vermin, human waste,and pest infestations, causing respiratory issues, skin rashes, asthma, allergies. AUST BIOCLEANING Crime Scene & Trauma Cleaning Services are here to assist in these matters and can offer a Clinical psychologist to help our client who is suffering from this debilitating Mental Health condition

      Serious mould cases can cause a toxic substance called Mycotoxins that thrive in areas with hot humid climates, these toxic substances are released into the air and can be ingested or inhaled, prolonged exposure of Mycotoxins can lead to disease and or death in humans and animals. Don't put you or others at risk and even your pets.
Don't suffer twice, We are here in times of need   
      our services include

  • Crime scene cleaning
  • Suicide cleaning
  • Unattended death cleaning / deceased estates
  • Industrial accident cleaning
  • Faeces / Urine cleaning
  • Bodily fluid clean ups
  • Drug paraphernalia removal / disposal
  • Blood clean ups
  • Bio hazard decontamination / removal / remediation
  • Illegal drug lab decontamination / waste removal / remediation
  • Illegal drug lab site testing / site validation report
  • Sanitation
  • Hoarder / Filth / grot house cleaning
  • Hoarder re-organisation
  • Animal  faeces / urine / decomposition removal / decontamination
  • Heavy mould removal / clean / remediation
  • Ozone remediation
  • Trauma counseling

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